Someone Prophetic Godly Blessed Kim Clement House of Destiny Prophecies Network, RobinDBullock Church International Warrior Alabama, Julie Green Ministries International, ArkofGrace Ministries Amanda Grace Timothy v Dixon, Tim Sheets Oasis Church Dutch Sheets brother, Kent Christmas, Hank Kunneman with Lord of Hosts Church Johnny Enlow and All the Godly Good news Given to the guests on HISGLORY, Steve Schultz of Elijahstreams, Rabbi Jonathan Cahn born again Christian and Most importantly Donald J Trump he Will Win, Benjamin Netanyahu needs to hear and see these Prophesies and Prophets of God as well as talking to President Trump about these matters and disregarding what the biden, yuval noah harai clause schwab WEF UN BRICS WHO CDC NIH and ANY other agencies persons..

Benjamin Netanyahu and President Trump are United together through the Prophecies.

I pray that this important information gets to Benjamin Netanyahu asap. I know Pastor Dave Scarlett HISGLORY ArkofGrace Amanda Grace are Key in all of this.

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Clay God has this foolery from that wicked evil spirit yuval noah harai and his demonic cohorts, which We use the Power Authority and Dominion given to us by God in Jesus Holy Mighty Name to break Anything off that the agents of satan demons cohorts have. This is Bibical warfare and God has Given His Prophets Word regarding these 3 and 4 letters agencies and the Trying Plans.

We rebuke all of the aforementioned by God our Heavenly Father in King Jesus Holy Powerfull name.

God Uses You Mightily to Carry The Word of God in Jesus Holy Name and Spread the Truth, the Truth Shall Set You Free in and Through Jesus Yeshua Mighty Name by the Blood Covenant we Christians have.

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