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Mark of the Beast | Doctor Stella Immanuel | Food Vaccines? Why Did the USDA Approve the First Lab-Grown Meat?

Thrivetime Show | The Great ReAwakening versus The Great Reset

Mark of the Beast | Doctor Stella Immanuel | Food Vaccines? Why Did the USDA Approve the First Lab-Grown Meat? Why Are Schwab, Gates, Harari & John Kerry Pushing Humanity to Eat Lab Grown Meat? + Is the Chinese Social Credit Score Headed to the U.S.?

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12 Portions Per Bag

Step 1 - Take Out 1 Ounce of Beef And Put Into a Bowl
Step 2 - Pour Hot Water On the Beef (Submerge the Beef for 5 or 10 Minutes)
Step 3 - Pat It Dry
Step 4 - Eat the Beef

US Gov Issued Travel Warning for Traveling to China -,-As%20of%20June&text=According%20to%20the%20travel%20advisory,transparent%20process%20under%20the%20law.

China Searched Foreign Companies -

Under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) new anti-spying law, normal business activities may be considered spying, resulting in foreigners being banned from entering or exiting China. -

The Collapse of the Dollar
The Chinese & Russian Air Forces & Navies Teaming Up On the Japan Sea
Chinese Hackers Infiltrating the U.S. State Department & Commerce Department Emails
Chinese Use Gene-Editing & Brain-Control Weapons to Silence Dissent
The BRICS Block Is Introducing a Gold-Backed Currency
Chinese Social Credit Score System Coming to the United States
Yuval Noah Harari’s Nefarious Ideas Are Being Praised In China

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