General Flynn | 17 Updates + Is Musk Promoting Drug Use? Is BRICS Expanding January 1st 2024?

Thrivetime Show | The Great ReAwakening versus The Great Reset

General Flynn | 17 Updates + Is Musk Promoting Drug Use? Is BRICS Expanding January 1st 2024? What Is Elon Musk's GROK? Why Is Yuval Noah Harari an Anti-Virus for the Mind? Why Is Elon Musk Discussing Brave New World & SOMA? (See Description)

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**************************************************************************************************** CBDCs = The Ending of Freedom
Central Bank Digital Currencies = The Death to Freedom
The Programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies = Surveillance State

UPDATE #2 - I Am Sick to My Stomach Watching This Bullshit. Enough Is Enough. Especially On Veterans Day. - WATCH -

UPDATE #3 - Bitcoin | "U.K. Just Passed a Bill for Seizing Illicit Crypto.This Bill Finally Became Law On Thursday After Receiving the King's Approval." - Mark Moss + Problem = Woke Mind Virus Solution = Antivirus for the Brain - WATCH -

UPDATE #4 - GROK | "We Don't Know the Meaning of Life, But the More We Can Expand the Scope & Scale of Consciousness, Digital & Biological, the More We Are Able to Understand What Questions to Ask About the Answer That Is the Universe." - Elon Musk - WATCH -

UPDATE #5 - De-Dollarization Momentum Builds As BRICS+ Adds 6 New Members On January 1st 2024 - WATCH -

Will The U.S. Dollar Collapse As a Reserve Currency? - Robert Kiyosaki, Clay Clark - WATCH -

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